With his first book The Man Who Even Mended the Sun, Behic Ak puts a smile on the faces of both children and adults, and tells the story of Alaaddin who listens to the water pipes. In this book, Ak criticizes and makes fun of gossiping which is the inseparable part of neighborhood life. While criticizing the prejudice encouraged by gossip, he writes both about being an individual and living in harmony with the community.

This book will be read by both adults and children with pleasure.

Alaaddin never speaks but listens to everyone. His best friend is Memo who can talk about everything for hours. Alaaddin sits everyday on a bank and watches the sunrise and sunset. People become curious about Alaaddin. Some people think he is lazy, some think he is an agent or even an alien. One day, the water of the neighborhood is cut and everybody understands who Alaaddin is.

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Last Modified: May 5, 2020