The joy of the holiday with the whole caboodle is different than a holiday by yourself. So, with whom you would like go to for a crowded holiday? It depends on the person. My holiday friends were Havva and the Turtle. These characters come to life because of Behic Ak’s beautiful mind. Havva (Eve) is the caretaker of Elif when her parents are not around and she has a good relation with animals. Havva does not know her age or weight. Havva knows how to live in harmony with all the living species and goes to Elif’s house everyday along with cats, dogs and birds. At night, she goes back to home with them as well. Havva is part of the nature like a turtle, tree, plant and breeze.

She is a cheerful character with whom every children would like to spend time. Elif also loves her a lot. When Elif’s family moves to another city, Elif had to break up with her dear Havva. In this new city, she encounters a turtle that resembles Havva.

Behic Ak again wrote with his genuine language and created characters you wish to know. I mentioned Havva in this article but there is no harm bringing Repairer Kadir, Alaaddin and Firat (The Boy Who Loved Boats) to your holiday trip.

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Last Modified: May 5, 2020