Boy 1: Is it your father coming? Which one, which one?
Boy 2: The one with the blue eyes…


Boy: When I grow up, I will buy a beautiful motorcycle and I will pick
you up and go to fishing. While you are knitting, I will catch a fish and take photographs, my love.
Girl: Damn it, I want to be a boy, when I grow up as well.


Boy: I am trying to invent something for years.
Boy: But I am precluded.
Boy: Some powers step in and they prevent me.
Girl: Some powers?
Boy: Yes, some secret powers.
Girl: Like what?
Boy: Like physics, chemistry, biology, math…
Girl: Yes, I understand.


– Do you know, what scares me the most in my life? The lions in the forest, sharks in the ocean and eagles in the air.


Boy 1: Guess what I have in my pocket?
Boy 2: A marble.
Boy 1: No.
Boy 2: Crown cork.
Boy 1: No.
Boy 2: A stone.
Boy 1: No
Boy 2: A pencil sharpener.
Boy 1: Noo.
Boy 2: A giant elephant with purple freckled wings!
Boy 1: How did you find out?