Without reading Alaaddin’s Chattering Water Pipes, you cannot imagine how much one can tell just by the story of a boy who listens to the water pipes. The author creates an era where everybody knows everything about everyone.

Repairer Kadir Bey was the main character of Behic Ak’s first story The Man Who Even Mended the Sun. If you meet him once, you will search for that person in your entire life. He is able to repair everything, washing machines, dish washers, refrigerators, bicycles, TVs. Whatever you can think of, even the human relationships and broken hearts.

With his new book, Behic Ak created a new character like Kadir Bey. The new main character Alaaddin is like a philosopher. He is silent but he looks in a way that you think he looks inside of you. Some people thinks he is a alien. In the neighborhood, whoever has a story ends up next to Alaaddin and tells their problem. There are people who talk about food recipes, some about disaster theories. Who really is Alaaddin?

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Last Modified: May 5, 2020