150208-RadikalKitap-page-001Kadir Bey is a master repairman. I do not know how to describe him, because it is really difficult to define someone you love so much. He is a repairman, who can repair everything you can imagine. Getting old and broken is the nature of all objects. Human relations are similar. Like repairing a washing machine, people have to repair their relationships sometimes. How can Kadir Bey repair human relationships? Kadir Bey uses similar techniques in repairing human relations. He says, “Don’t panic, your relation is rusted away a little bit, a dose of rust solvent will solve your problem.”

Some people in the island do not love Kadir Bey, for example garbage collectors. It is hard to believe but people whose stuff he had repaired do not like him as well. They complain that they cannot buy anything new because he repairs everything perfectly. Only children understand Kadir Bey. They breathe in his words. I claim that with his criticism on consumption frenzy and lively characters, this book is amazing for readers all over the world.

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Last Modified: May 5, 2020